Grade :3C

Hello, all today I will tell you about my favorite subject math. I love math because it is very interesting and fun. math is everywhere…… you pay money o shopkeepers which is included in math. you count things. the words you speak also have a count of number which is again in math. Many people are very good at math and they have also won’t prizes. they are Shakuntala Devi, Ramanujan, and many more people. even I want to be like them. I get good marks on the math test. here are some facts about mathematics….

  1. There are types of interesting numbers in mathematics. One such number is a hundred. The number 100 does not actually mean 100. It is derived from the Old Norse word “hundrath,” which actually means 120.
  2. The number 2 is the smallest prime number. It is also the only even prime number. The digit 1 is considered to be prime to every other number. Therefore, we take 2 as the smallest.
  3. We all have heard about the Pythagoras theorem. But there is also something which is known as Pythagoras constant. The square root of 2 i.e. 1.41 was the first rational number to be discovered which is known as the Pythagoras constant.
  4. Romans didn’t consider 0 to be a number at all. Therefore, there are in total zero zeros in Roman numerals.

Thank you

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